The Anatomy of a Pool Shark

(top level professional pool player)

Written by D.W. "Diamond Dave" Thayer, January 2012

To begin with let me show you why some players are such exceptional great shooters and even show YOU HOW to become a top level pro and pool shark. Thus being able to win against all opponents in every game you play!

Often there are shots on the pool table that are seen only by the most knowledgeable and profecient player. These shot situations may not often come up when you are at the table, but when they do you must know what to do although a shot seems impossible to the uneducated eye of your opponent.

These are shots that must be made to win the game or to at least avoid a scratch (foul) that will cost you the game.

When the shooter has to come up with a great shot such as in each of the following diagrams, nine hundred and ninety nine players out of a thousand would not see a shot or know how to shoot it if they do see it. See following diagrams from Hot Shots Plus eBooks.

Diagram 1
(found in BOOK 5 - HOT SHOTS PLUS Great Shots, Position, & Play)

Diagram 1 (found in BOOK 5 - HOT SHOTS PLUS Great Shots, Position, & Play)

The cue ball is surrounded by and trapped by your opponents object balls and the end rail. You must sink the Eight ball at far end of table to win or at least hit it to avoid scratch. (For solution read book 5 of Hot Shots Plus)

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