Back in the days before the two piece and three piece cues that allow a player to break down the stick and put it away in a carrying case; the billiard parlors (pool halls) furnished all cues that were kept in wall racks for the player’s use.     

Many attempts at jump shots caused the separation of many cue tips from the cue sticks and this caused added expense and work for the pool parlor proprietors.  In addition to lost and damaged tips, the stabbing down into the table felt by a inept players trying to jump over a ball gave the proprietor nightmares.

Finally, signs were placed on every wall in the establishment;“no jump shots, jumping not allowed, absolutely no jumping over balls.” Practically every and any playing establishment had the signs that stood out far and above any other posted house rules.

The signs have caused approximately 80 percent of today’s pool players to believe the jump shot is illegal.  It is not to be done.  “Hey buddy, you can’t jump, it’s not legal.”

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