One of the most baffling yet exciting shots on a pool table is the perfectly executed masse‘ shot.     

There are occasions during a game when the shooter must make a good hit on an object ball but the cue ball is obstructed from every kick shot possibility and is too close to an interfering ball to attempt a jump shot.    

A curve shot is also a non possibility but an extreme curve draw shot is the only solution and this action is created only with the masse‘stroke.     

Very few players are masters of this shot, including some of the very top pros . I regard the masse‘ as merely a draw shot from above, therefore I visualize the clock face of cue ball as lying flat on the table and looking up at me.     

The aim points are at low center six o’clock, low right five o’clock and 5:30 o’clock. 6:30 and 7:00 at low left.  These aim points are dependent on which direction line you want to form between center cue ball resting point and your desired direction.  (See diagram following).

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