For a longer “draw back,” use a longer bridge. Move your bridge hand further back from the cue ball.      

A “nip draw” calls for a short bridge, a very low bridge and lowered cue tip.  This is to allow you to create a short, quick, downward jab stroke that enables the bridge hand and cue tip to be pulled back out of returning cue balls path. ( See diagram following).

Semi masse draw = Use when cue ball is within one to three inches from object ball to prevent double kiss.  Form your bridge the same way as when you are shooting over a ball.  Shoot down towards 6:00 right through the cue ball and quickly pull cue and bridge hand up and out of the way.   

An excellent draw practice drill is diagramed on page 55. The object balls are lined up between the side pockets, (eight object balls should be used).  Place the cue ball directly behind each object ball, one diamond back and in line with corner pocket shoot “through” low center 6:00 cue ball and draw cue ball back to end rail on each shot. Next line up the cue ball two diamonds behind object balls and again draw cue ball back to end rail after each shot.     


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