One of the key weapons in a pool players’ arsenal of mastered shots is the draw shot.  I try to teach the control draw vs. exhibitionist, completely out of control draw. This is because, no matter how impressive and spectacular the draw shot may be, the name of the winning game is and will always be POSITION!

Keys to the Draw Shot:

1.  A well chalked tip.

2.  A low, be low center hit at 6:00.

3.  A level as possible cue stick.

4.  A long, exaggerated follow-through.

5.  A loose wrist and relaxed shooting grip..

6.  A solid low bridge.

7.  A snap back of wrist at natural end of the follow through motion.

8. A slide (backward) of cue ball all the way into object ball with no digging into the cloth.

You can go into any tavern or cocktail lounge that has pool tables or into any billiard parlor and be shocked to discover that only one out of 25 players can properly draw a cue ball on every draw attempt!

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