But most importantly, we will cover the Track System Plus and Minus which is the real secret that very few pool players are aware of.  DO NOT become discouraged if it takes a while for the following system to become completely clear to you.  The first time that you try from memory, certain specific things will come to you, although, perhaps not exactly.

For example, you will know that the target ball sits approximately on the 2.5 track area.  You will be aware that the cue ball lies off the 4.5 diamond area at the rail of origin.  Recall will tell you that when shooting three rails, you must subtract and that 4.5 minus 2.5 equals 2.0.

Therefore, your aim point on the first rail is 2.0.  But wait, you also recall now that due to 4.5 being 1/8th table distance down table from end rail, you must subtract 1/8th diamond from the 2.0 aim point thus creating 1 7/8 (1.7) as the correct aim point.

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