“Shooting the cue ball into one or more rails in order to contact or pocket a specific object ball."

I am beginning with Kick shots in order to demonstrate in the most understandable way, how basic mathematic patterns are ingrained into the pool table and to allow you to start by applying your knowledge of simple arithmetic; addition, subtraction and division.

This section will instill in you what we are aiming for as you progress through your understanding of purposeful rail points, diamonds and angles of incidence and reflection. Simply stated, the angle of incidence is the line the ball travels INTO a rail and the angle of reflection is the path the ball follows as it rebounds AWAY from rail. Knowledge of off rail Kick shots is invaluable to the shooter when hidden behind opponents object balls (as in Eight ball) and must make a good hit on his/her own object ball to avoid a foul (scratch). Kick shots are also a means of making shots that, to the unknowing, appear impossible. 

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