We are now ready to begin the sections that reveal the importance of diamond and rail point knowledge that allows perfection on kick and bank shots.

You must bring your knowledge from this section with you as you enter the following section in order to thoroughly learn and play the playing field around you.

The field around you being, of course, the rails ( banks, bumpers, cushions), diamonds (real and visualized) and visualized rail points.

The sighting, aim techniques taught in this book to shoot an object ball into a specific pocket, will also assist you at shooting cue ball into exact rail aim points for accurate kick shots .The sighting and stroking ability to send balls to these precise points is a necessity that you have, by now, mastered.

Stand behind object ball and visualize imaginary cue ball frozen against it on exact line to pocket (ghost ball).

Visualize object ball as being less than four inches from center of an IMAGE POCKET that is three inches wide. .Maintain the vision of GHOST CUE BALL contact position as you move behind actual cue ball.

Line up DIAMOND/FRACTION sightline through object ball to rail point in order to determine fractional aim at object ball. Assure yourself that this alignment coincides with CUE BALL REPLACEMENT visualization.

Fill yourself with ”can’t miss confidence. “ Exhale and MAKE THE SHOT!

(Read more in Book 1)

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