When object ball is very close to a rail, whereby it’s travel distance to target pocket is too space confining to allow object ball to clear rail edge (pocket corner projection) prior to pocket, you must move aim point an extra 1/8 or 1/16th away from center to create necessary angle.  The other option on a space limited shot is to maintain half ball aim only but strike cue ball well out side of center to create a spin throw effect on target ball.

I am giving little space and time to cue ball replacement, parallel sighting and image pocket sighting, as they have their drawbacks and weaknesses until and unless the player understands the effects of push and throw.  Eventually, when mastered, you will prefer the author’s Diamond/fraction sighting technique which calls for straight on, center cue ball hits on object ball ninety nine point nine percent of your shots.  However, for confidence and exact accuracy on difficult shots, any of these sighting methods can be blended in very smoothly with your diamond/fraction sighting technique.  (See summation at end of this section.)  

Please forgive the author for redundancy on the following diagrams, because I believe constant repetition to be the best way to teach less experienced players to become excellent players.

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