No matter where your object ball lies on the table, its distance from the desired pocket can always be measured in diamonds and diamond fractions (portions of diamonds). A straight line visualized directly through the cue ball and object ball to a point on the rail will reveal where the object ball lies from the target pocket because obviously, a straight center ball hit on object ball will drive it to that rail point and you have only to determine the fraction aim to either side of object ball for required movement toward pocket entrance.   

It may be helpful to you if you develop the ability to visualize the object ball as a square or oblong block, or only a partially constructed ball, as an aid in the aim point determination.   

For simplification, this book teaches the Diamond/Fraction Sighting System by lining up direct center ball aim and then moving line of aim by fractions to the left or right of center, i.e., ¼ ball right of center, ¼ plus 1/8 (or 3/8) right of center.  

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