Two things cause lunging forward on the shooting stroke.  One, is not holding the tip still at the cue ball aim point just prior to shot release, and two, not keeping rear leg rigid. All preliminaries can go for naught if these two rules of good shooting are not complied with.   Remember that your shooting arm elbow is the pendulum-the hinge.  All above the elbow and the entire body are frozen during perfect stroking. Throwing the shoulder back on the final stroke is the bad habit of many would-be good players without their realization of this habit. Just keep in mind always, that you never put your body into any stroke and yes, that does include your “power break”.  “Follow through” practice drills are diagrammed in Book Six along with other great practice routines.      

Although you must shoot each shot with some degree of authority, you will do well to follow the advice of the greatest pocket billiard player who ever lived.  Willie Mosconi often said, "There are only two ways to shoot pool - one is to shoot soft and two is to shoot softer."  

Knowledge of the game and of many shots separate the pros from most players.  The primary divider between pro and amateur is the stroke, the stroke, the stroke!  Keep your head DOWN until follow-through comes to a natural stop or all balls stop rolling.  Resist the temptation to raise your chin.  You can watch your target ball go into the pocket from right where you are with your head down.  

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