Only a small amount of instruction can be given to you concerning the position of your stroking hand on the butt end area of the cue stick. The instructions amount basically to ”do’s and don’ts”.  
DO use a ”tea cup” holding grip on the butt end of cue, where it feels balanced to you. Emphasis can be on thumb and one finger, two or three fingers with your little pinky finger out of the way and just going along for the ride. Whatever number of fingers touching the cue stick depends on your own comfort and confidence feeling.

Whatever it takes to make you feel assured and allow a smooth stroke. Even the top pros vary in their use of finger/fingers placement and pressure on the grip. What you must have thoroughly impressed in your mind’s bank of knowledge, is that a tea-cup like, gentle grip can be used on every type of shot including the power break shot. The reason being that, ball speed and power come from the speed of the cue stick rather than from the weight behind it. 

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