“Know your playing field and ammunition”

This section will elaborate on the various sized pool tables now in existence, showing formats used on various types of shots.  

Due to the majority of billiard play today taking place on Tavern size tables with playing areas 46” wide by 92” long and a Diamond rail spacing of 11 ½ inches or on a 44” by 88”, table with a diamond spacing of 11” (center diamond to center diamond), the majority of formulas will pertain to these two tables.   

The slightly larger playing area eight foot table is known as the Grand or Super Eight table while the smaller playing area eight foot table is called the Standard Eight.   

There will be additional sections devoted to the minor adjustments required for accuracy on the standard billiard parlor nine foot table with play area of 50” by 100”with 12 ½ inches between diamonds. Also the small recreation room seven foot table, 40” by 80” with only 10” between diamonds.

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