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BOOK 6 - HOT SHOTS PLUS Everything Else You Need to Know

BOOK 6 - HOT SHOTS PLUS Everything Else You Need to Know

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Shooting one object ball into another object ball, with the intent to pocket the second object ball, is a shot that should be avoided if there is any other type of shot available to you.

The alternative shots could include delicate cuts, bank shots, two or three rail shots, etc.

Going for a combination shot when other shots are available is akin to firing a ball into a side pocket versus shooting it softly.

The only exceptions are, if the combo shot is dead on, i.e., cue ball, middle object ball and target object ball, all in a straight line to the pocket or if target ball is almost hanging on the lip of a pocket.

However, for “Nine Ball” players, knowledge of how to sight a combination is very helpful.

But, even the top pros and especially they, will opt to run out the rack versus taking a chance on winning game early by pocketing nine ball off any other ball unless shot is dead on.

Only if they are convinced of the simplicity of the shot and the rest of the rack is not easily run able due to clustered balls, etc.

There are numerous theories regarding the most effective way to shoot combinations including picking out a point on a rail and shooting at that point rather than a point on target ball, etc. Some of these methods seem to work fairly well for some players.

My method on my very seldom-executed combination shots is to simply start the alignment procedure by visualizing the middle ball as the cue ball.

As in diagram page 2, concentrate on believing that the first object ball #1 is the cue ball and determine the diamond fraction hit needed to pocket the target #2 ball and thus visualize the #1 ball as the ghost cue ball contacting target ball. Then is the step back, behind true cue ball, and align it to shot #` ball into ghost cue ball space.

Combination shots require cue ball center hit on all shots because any action (spin) on the cue ball will create a reaction on object ball, which in turn creates another re-action on the target ball. You will be amazed at how far off the shot will be.

Combination Shots are shot with very little concern as to follow up position of cue ball and with no English! Cue ball center hits only and always.


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