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BOOK 3 - HOT SHOTS PLUS Cue Ball & Shot Manipulation

BOOK 3 - HOT SHOTS PLUS Cue Ball & Shot Manipulation

  • LEARN English, Follow, Throw, Stop, Stun, Drag, Draw, Curve, Jump, and Massé, PLUS!
  • LEARN how to shoot OVER, AROUND, and THROUGH object balls!
  • LEARN to avoid foul shots (scratches).
  • BECOME very adept at creating cue ball and object ball actions and reactions.


“A rotation or spin of a ball in defiance of its natural roll, caused by various extents of striking the ball off center”

“English” refers to side spin only, in the pool players vocabulary. It does not pertain to “follow, draw, stop.” Unfortunately, many pool players try to apply their version of various English on almost every shot, from the initial break shot on an “8” ball or “9” ball rack and then, through out their game.

As important as it is for you to follow the advice of the great “Willie Mosconi,”i.e; “shoot softly and softer,” it is equally important for you to heed the advice of most top Pros .i.e; ”The less English used, the less often you will get into trouble.”

The ability to understand English, how it works, what it does and how to and how much to apply to a particular shot is confusing to the pool playing majority who use English hoping something good will happen. Then, after missing the shot are left hoping their opponent was impressed with the cue ball action imparted by their skill.

How often do we hear, “Oh no, the English didn’t take, I put low right on the dang cue ball.” An advanced player easily recognizes that you did strike the cue ball low right but did not apply low right spin (English) to the cue ball.

Should you have the desire to understand English in its total package (as you must do) and be willing to accept that simply banging the cue ball high right, low left, etc. Might really not be enough to characterize you as a complete pool player, then read and re-read this section with its diagrams until you absorb all facts of the English phenomena!

In the section of this book relating to the “Draw shot” I state the fact that on the average, not more than one player in twenty five can consistently draw a cue ball. The prime reason for this inability is that, those same nondraw ability players have never developed the ability to put any proper, required English/spin on any type of shot.

To impress upon the reader, how complicated the understanding of the use of English as related to your improving abilities on the pool table can be. Let me give you the Law of Physics as relates to cue ball English. “English = Spin = Vectors of angular momentum, precision and various co-efficients of friction.”

Scary stuff, but now lets break it down and make other than “center cue ball hits” become an integral part of your game and a part that you will excel at when needed.

The average player strikes the cue ball on the left side or right side of center, slight or extreme distances from center and believes that English is being imparted to the cue ball. The player strikes the cue ball above center and/or below to create top spin follow or back spin draw.

To an extent, the cue ball does react to these off center strikes by delivering some degree of throw during the shot process. However, this does not necessarily create English unless an amount of spin is given to the cue ball between the cue tip strike and object ball contact, and well before its’ contact with the object ball.

An above center strike on cue ball does impart some follow action but not the pro type top spin follow. A low, bottom cue ball strike (hoping for draw result) more often than not, causes a cue ball stop response, slow forward roll, jump or miscue, but rarely any back spin draw of cue ball off the object ball.

How does the pro player, so often avoid the need for putting English on the majority of his shots? Basically by playing for proper angles while going for position, accurately determining the speed necessary for each shot (easy, extra, extreme), use of Stop and Stun shots and cheating the pockets on most shots to gain the angles.

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