Hot Shots Plus Support

Thank you for your interest in Hot Shots Plus by "Diamond" Dave Thayer.

We have collected our most common questions and provide answers below.


Q: What formats of the Hot Shots Plus books are available to purchase?

A: The downloads through this site are Adobe PDF which can be opened and read by any pdf reader on any device. We also have Kindle versions available through the Amazon Kindle store.


Q: I have paid for Hot Shots Plus through this website using PayPal and have not received the books.

A: Our automated process sends an email to the PayPal account email address immediately. If you do not see an email from HotShotsPlus in your inbox, please look in your SPAM or JUNK folder as spam filters may send it there. In some cases, depending on how strict spam blockers are setup, the email may be blocked at your mail server and you will not receive it. If this happens, contact us and we will use other methods to send you the book series. We want you to have to books as soon as you pay, so feel free to let us know if you paid and did not receive the automated email.


Q: What if my PayPal email address is not the one I use?

A: In this case, please contact us with the day and approximate time you paid and your name. We can look up the payment and compare with the information you provide. We will be happuy to send the books your proreferred email address once we verify payment and hear from you. It would be a good idea to update your PayPal email address as well since they do send importnat correspondence regarding your account occassionally. Please note that fake PayPal messages are common asking to update your user and password. ONLY ever login into the real PayPal site. PayPal will never send you an email to click a link to update your login and password.


Q: The download was a .zip file. What do I do with that?

A: Once downloaded, double click the downloaded zipped file and your zip software will open and show you the files in the zip folder. Highlight the files and click on "Extract." That will unzip the files and you will have ready to read books in a pdf version. Be sure to note where the software will extract the books so you will know where to find them. Common locations are in your Documents folder or on the desktop. In some cases they may be in your Downloads folder.


Q: I don't have any zip software to extract the files. What do I do?

A: One great free tool yuo can use is 7-Zip. Download and install it here:


Q: Do you offer a print version of the Hot Shots Plus book series?

A: No, not at this time. However you are welcome to print any or all of the book series for your own use. Of course, selling or redistributing the books is not allowed.


Q: What is the best way to print Hot Shots Plus?

A: We recommend that you print two pages of the book per side on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. That is four pages per sheet of paper. With several hundred pages, it can become costly with ink and paper, so using a service such as Kinkos will save you money and they can set up the printing. Also, if you only print the pages you are interested you will save you money.






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